STeP-IN Automotive Tech Conference


Check Engine Light: Overcoming challenges in Maintainable Component Architecture

Much effort is spend for Platform Architecture and Central Architecture Paradigms that we often forget people who implement these at a component level are not on the same page. As is the Macrocosm so is the Microcosm, what is applicable at a Higher level should also be equally valid at lower levels. This talk looks at how to ensure compliance at a lower-level design to high-level Architecture.

Speaker Profile

JP is the COO of STeP-IN  and CTO of Verity Software.

According to him his 25 years in the industry has been spent learning how to build and not build Systems. Failures has been his best Guru. He is a consultant to Fortune 100 companies on how improve their systems and processes. Code Design, Compliance, QA or System Architecture he appreciates a challenge. He is among the very few accredited coaches for Software Architecture by ISAQB.

He is an engineer by education and an eternal seeker by vocation.

Jayapradeep Jiothis

CTO, Verity Software & Accredited Coach, iSAQB