STeP-IN Automotive Tech Conference

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Take part in our Automotive Tech Conference

Are you passionate about the intersection of technology and business? Do you have unique insights or experiences to share with industry professionals? We invite you to join us as a speaker at STeP-IN Automotive Tech Conference 2024.

As a speaker, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to panel discussions, solo sessions, or interview-style talks. Share your expertise with our audience of senior enterprise IT leaders, public sector officials, and technology providers.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a rising star in your field, we welcome diverse perspectives and innovative ideas. Submit your proposal today and be a part of shaping the future of technology.

Be a Speaker

Sponsorship Scale

Event Sponsor

INR 8,00,000/- + GST / USD 12,000

Platinum Sponsor:

INR 5,75,000/- + GST / USD 8,500

Gold Sponsor:

INR 3,50,000/- + GST / USD 5,250

T-shirt Sponsor:

INR 3,50,000/- + GST / USD 5,250

Conference Bag Sponsor:

INR 2,50,000/- + GST / USD 3750

Exhibitor Sponsor:

INR 1,50,000/- + GST / USD 2500

Lanyard Sponsor:

INR 1,25,000/- + GST / USD 2000

Kit Inserts:

INR 75,000/- + GST / USD 1250

Comparison of Major Sponsor Packages

 Event SponsorPlatinum SponsorGold SponsorExhibitor Sponsor
Sharing of Attendee Roster   
Logo on the Podium banner   
Questionnaire / Quiz designed by the sponsor will be administered at the Conference venue   
One EDM blast Pre- or Post-Conference  
Speaking Opportunity at the Conference (40 mins)  
Speaking Opportunity (60 min) at 1 STeP-IN Forum Webinar Post Conference   
Speaking Opportunity at the Conference (25 mins)   
Branding on Conference Backdrop
Logos on all Promotional Material
Crosslink from Conference Website
Exhibitor Booth at the Conference Venue (Booth size and location vary based on type of sponsorship)
Kit inserts / handouts to all attendees
Banners at Conference Venue2211
Complimentary Conference Registrations8642
Cost (INR / USD)**INR 8,00,000/- + GST
/ USD 12,000
INR 5,75,000/- + GST
/ USD 8,500
INR 3,50,000/- + GST
/ USD 5,250
INR 1,50,000/- + GST
/ USD 2500